Who/what/where call

Simple and intuitive call input: e.g. Dr. Alpha (who) in 5 minutes (what) to room OP3 (where).

After receiving the call, Dr Alpha can confirm it on his device and, if necessary, delete it again directly.

Freely configurable buttons

Individual design and arrangement of the buttons with over 3000 icons to choose from.

Push messages

Push notifications on smartwatch, smartphone and tablet.

Absence function

Let other users of the app know that you are currently absent or unavailable.

Guest or patient call

Add guests or patients directly on the surface.

Group function

If required, create groups and call either the whole group or individual persons within the group, e.g. India next patient in room OP1.

Integration of smart devices

Webhooks can be used to trigger calls via WiFi buttons.

Waiting room monitor

Patient calls based on the who/where principle can be displayed on a separate screen in the waiting room.

Connection to industry software

Automatic integration of patient names from the ZaWin patient software.

Echo Charlie in action at Golland Orthodontics in Chur